CMOS IC Design for Everyone

Semiconductor Integrated Circuits have changed our lives yet we are just scratching the surface with many new useful personal, industrial, and medical applications.

With hackCMOS project, we have simplified chip design and test efforts so that everyone can learn it, and build their own electronics projects in a whole new way.

Anyone can use the HackCMOS to design and make their own Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) from a library of "bloks" we provide that cover key functions for a variety of applications, from lighting to nano drones!

The hackCMOS 1.0 Project

When we are done with hackCMOS, in April 2015, we will send our supporters the
hackCMOS1.0 kit containing our first re
ference ASIC mounted on an Arduino shield along with an Arduino board so you can test it, play with it at your convenience.

When you purchase the hackCMOS 1.0 kit, it comes with no-cost online access to a comprehensive online design ToolBox along with a library of functional BLOKS that you can use to define, design your desired ASIC.

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 1.05.08 PM.png

hackCMOS Arduino Shield


hackCMOS Foundation "Bloks"


What You Can Do with hackCMOS 1.0

Get familiar, learn it and Fork Your Own

If you are a Maker, a Pro a Passionate Electronics hacker or an Educator, you can use hackCMOS to design, test your own electronics ideas with the power of Integrated Circuits.

When completed in early 2015, HackCMOS gives you everything in a box everything needed to design, verify, manufacture and validate your ASIC design in clear stages all done Online


1 Design IT Online

  • Motor Driver
  • Linear Regulator (LDO)
  • Temperature Sensors (-20 to 100 degrees C)
  • Motion Sensor Interface
  • Voltage Reference
  • Successive Approximation ADC 12 bits
  • DAC 9 bits
  • PWM Control
  • Power On Reset
  • I2C controller

2 Verify IT Online

Connect the Bloks together, check out their function with online computer simulation, and there is goes, you got a chip.


3 Make IT Mail

Once finished HackCMOS makes it easy to get to manufacturing with our partner foundries and back in 4 weeks!

We provide a template pad frames, bonding diagrams and IC package options out of a predefined configurations.

4 Validate IT inLab

  • Validation made easy with hackCMOS
  • Clean plug-n-play Arduino shield
  • An Arduino main tester board
  • 16 Analog/32 Digital Channels
  • Standard Test description language
  • Laptop or Arduino-driven uTester
  • Correlate with pre-silicon sims


Band of Hackers that will make hackCMOS



I've been in the chips trenches for 20+ years. I love Battlestar Galactica!



I designed circuits for 12 years, ranging from memories, systems and analog products.



I built digital ASIC's for years, I started my own company that accelerates digital design through automated magic.



Built digital circuits for 12 years, designs display drivers . Coded a lot of chip-making code!



Built and sold an ASIC product company then wanted to do it again - but right this time.

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 11.18.33 AM.png


I don't know !!

Your Role in hackCMOS 1.0

We can only make hackCMOS a reality for all of us with your support

Pre-order yours now and become a change agent to this new chip age!



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